CVX can be deposited in Pirex for pxCVX. The Pirex protocol takes this CVX and continually re-locks it for vlCVX (unless an unlock is initiated - see upxCVX). Each pxCVX is backed 1:1 by vlCVX and benefits from all of the value (minus fees) from that vlCVX.

Every two weeks (one pxCVX epoch), those holding pxCVX can claim their rewards funded by bribe revenue that Pirex claims from Votium. pxCVX holders do not have to claim their rewards every epoch - they can let the rewards accumulate before claiming.

While rewards accrue and do not expire, please note that snapshot rewards must be claimed individually for each epoch. There is no "claim all" functionality for pxCVX rewards.

To deposit your CVX, choose to deposit CVX and receive “pxCVX.”

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