Delegating to Hidden Hand

Users can delegate their tokens' voting power to Hidden Hand. By delegating their tokens' voting power to Hidden Hand, users entrust Hidden Hand to pool all votes and utilize an algorithm to identify the execute a voting strategy which would result in the most token rewards.

The end goal of this delegation process is to maximize each user's dollar per vote ratio, thereby enhancing the rewards generated from bribes for each delegate. Once each epoch concludes, users can claim their rewards as normal.

The algorithm managing AURA delegated to Hidden Hand follows a unique strategy. It's optimized to ensure that delegators with a smaller holding don't receive "dust" bribes. Importantly, this does not affect the total dollar amount smaller holders receive, just the amount of unique tokens.

How to:

  1. Connect your wallet to

  2. Go to the market that supports delegation.

  3. Execute transaction.

  4. Come back when rewards are distributed and claim your bribes.

Manual Voting After Delegation to Hidden Hand

Even after delegating to Hidden Hand, you retain the ability to vote manually on specific proposals. However, doing so will temporarily suspend delegation for that particular proposal, while delegation remains active for all others and future proposals. If there are incentives deposited for the pools you voted for through Hidden Hand, you will receive them.

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